• Aisin Displays New Global Exhibit Design at NAIAS, Participates in First Annual AutoMobili-D

    Aisin Group, a world leader in the manufacturing and supply of automotive components and systems for nearly every global automaker, is using two exhibits to unveil new products and technology at the 2017 North American International Auto Show: on the main floor among OEMs; and at the show’s new feature event, AutoMobili-D.

    At its morning news conference, the company announced that it has developed three new transmissions for the global market, including a world first rear wheel drive (RWD) hybrid transmission. Additionally, Aisin Group introduced several connected / autonomous vehicle technologies designed as an evolutionary step toward full autonomy. And, for the first time in the five years it’s been an NAIAS exhibitor, all 5 Aisin Group companies will be represented.


    Among the Aisin Group, Aisin AW is a leading producer and global market leader of transmissions, including automatic, manual and CVT transmissions. The company continued its leadership position today by introducing three new transmissions into its extensive lineup. Each transmission is designed to meet a specific need, such as light weighting; enhanced driver experience; or increased fuel economy.

    Multi-Stage 8-speed Hybrid TransmissionA World First

    The multi-stage THS II RWD transmission is the world’s first hybrid transmission for a rear wheel drive vehicle. The integration of a step automatic transmission with a 2-electric motor hybrid transmission has created a transmission that combines unparalleled acceleration with excellent fuel efficiency, especially at higher speeds. The transmission also allows the engine to be engaged intermittently at high speed, enhancing fuel economy even further.

    8-speed Automatic Transmission

    Aisin AW’s new 8-speed automatic transmission for front wheel drive contributes significantly to fuel economy performance due to its light-weight and compact design, which was achieved by redesigning the gear train structure, reevaluating materials and optimizing shapes. The new model achieves a direct-driving feel and superb fuel efficiency by expanding the lockup area. This transmission is the evolution of Aisin AW’s conventional 8-speed and was designed specifically in response to the approaching 2020 fuel efficiency standards.

    10-speed RWD Automatic Transmission

    Aisin’s 10-speed automatic transmission was developed with driving performance and comfort in mind, attributes demanded by consumers of rear wheel drive luxury cars. Featuring the world’s fastest shift response time, the transmission has a wider gear ratio throughout the 10-speed range, which provides a rhythmical driving experience and direct feel resulting from outstanding acceleration responsiveness.

    Automated / Connected Vehicle / Zero-emissions Technology

    Aisin Group is also exhibiting other core technologies that will be the focus of future development and contribute to achieving customer’s zero-emission goals, along with expertise that will provide advantages in the rapidly advancing connected / autonomous vehicle space.

    Zero Emissions

    Aisin Group is working toward zero emission vehicles by harnessing its expertise in its core technology of transmission development. The electrification of the transmission represents a key area that will contribute to the advancement of zero emission vehicles. Aisin will play a significant role in this goal due to its drivetrain leadership and breadth of its transmission offerings. To that end, Aisin Group has developed its two-motor Hybrid Transmissions and electric 4WD units. Additionally, it will accelerate the development of motors and inverters, some of the core components of fuel cell and electric vehicles to expand its drivetrain product lineup.

    Vehicle Dynamics Control

    Aisin Group has long been a key supplier of chassis related products such as active rear steering, electronic suspension and brake calipers. As passive and active safety becomes more commonplace, Aisin Group is developing sophisticated electronic stability control systems that sense information such as vehicle positioning and determining the steps necessary for optimum control at critical ranges, providing directives to powertrain, steering and braking components while keeping passengers safe.

    Automated Driving

    Aisin Group has been a leader in the development of automated vehicle systems, and as early as 2003 introduced the world’s first automated parking system to the market. Since then, it has evolved the system to the point where it is now possible to remotely park an unmanned vehicle using a smart device. Future developments include the enabling of fully unmanned “Automated Valet Parking” with vehicle control and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication.


    Working with sophisticated connected vehicle technology, Aisin Group is developing components that provide a level of driver companionship that it refers to as “hospitality.” This Hospitality Service is based on the integration of many core technologies, including mapping information technology, occupant sensing information and actuator technology.

    In addition, information concerning weather, road conditions, obstacle information or data related to personal preference and health previously stored in the cloud creates the optimal vehicle interior experience through the integration of various systems.

    A new level of personal mobility: ILY-Ai

    Aisin’s commitment to mobility goes beyond the automobile to include the individual, especially as world populations continue to migrate to urban centers. This is also true for older individuals who still desire a certain level of independence and mobility. To address these needs, Aisin Group has introduced a new concept in personal mobility: the ILY-Ai (“Innovative Life for You, Active Intelligence”), which will be part of the NAIAS AutoMobili-D feature event in the lower level of Cobo Center.

    ILY-Ai is a three-wheeled, personal mobility vehicle intended for the connected smart mobility society of the near future. With built-in intelligent safety based on robotics technology that prevents it from colliding with people or things, ILY-Ai can be configured in four modes to serve the needs of the rider: carry, kick-scooter, cart and vehicle mode. Using advanced Aisin Group connectivity technology, ILY-Ai becomes a personal assistant to its owner. Its full capabilities can be experienced in the “Urban Mobility Zone” at Automobili-D, booth 51, in Hall E.

    About Aisin Group

    Aisin Group is the sixth largest, global Tier One supplier of automotive components and systems such as brakes, transmissions, navigation systems, drivetrain, chassis, body, engine-related parts, electronics and intelligent transportation systems. The company is the largest transmission manufacturer in the world. A $32 billion company, Aisin Group has 189 consolidated companies and employs more than 100,000 people. In the Americas, Aisin Group companies include 13,500 employees, 35 manufacturing, sales, and R & D centers, including Aisin Technical Center of America located at the North American Headquarters in Northville, Mich., and FT-Techno of America, the company’s 950-acre test track and proving ground in Fowlerville, Mich.

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