• Aisin Group Debuts New Corporate Video


    Aisin Group has recently produced a new corporate video that has thus far only been seen at international auto shows. After it’s premier at the company’s exhibit in Paris at the Mondial de l’automobile, the next stop for the video debut tour was at the newly redesigned Aisin Group NAIAS exhibit. As the photo above suggests, the video and large digital screen was a central component to the Aisin Group exhibit. It received great visibility and positive feedback from local and international journalists, as well as automotive executives, customers and prospective customers.

    AWA Corporate Communications is pleased to have worked collaboratively in the concept and development of the video and provide creative input last summer when we met with AI’s advertising agency in Tokyo, and with Manjot Bedi, the video’s director. Mr. Bedi has produced numerous TV commercials, films and videos around the world for clients such as Lexus and Toyota.

    The video is somewhat of a departure from previous Aisin Group productions, which were more product based. Instead, this is more about the future direction of the company and is heavy on process, innovation, automation and, most importantly, inspiration. In just over four minutes, the story, which is decidedly global, supports the theme “For A Better Tomorrow” while using soft, inspired imagery, and minimal products.

    Aisin Group is well-positioned to lead the future of safer driving and technological development that contributes to automated driving. This video demonstrates that and much more.

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