• Clark Named Vice President at Aisin


    NORTHVILLE TWP., Mich., May 29, 2018 –Aisin Group, one of the largest Tier One automotive components manufacturers in the world, today announced that Bob Clark has been promoted to vice president, North American Aftermarket Sales Division.

    Clark, who had been general manager of Aisin’s Aftermarket business, joined the company in 1991. He was later promoted a number of times to his current executive position. Clark has spent most of his career in the automotive Aftermarket business, and worked for both Napa Auto Parts, and Champion Spark Plug Company from 1971-1991.

    Clark is responsible for maintaining the company’s overall relationships with customers of Aisin’s numerous Aftermarket products, as well as parts distribution and warehousing in North America. He is also responsible for oversight and management of Aisin’s Aftermarket offices in Torrance, Calif. and Dallas, Texas and its 38 employees.

    Clark resides in Chatsworth, Calif., with his wife, Zee.

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