• Aisin Group Shines at Global Motor Shows and Events

    Though the weather began to cool, Aisin Group’s global presence this fall was just heating up.  With exhibitions running almost simultaneously in three different countries on two continents, Aisin’s capabilities were prominently featured at exhibits in Tokyo, Montreal and Las Vegas. Here are the highlights:


    The 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017

    Aisin Group exhibited at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show from October 25 to November 5, 2017. Based on the theme of “the next frontier in mobility,” Aisin presented group-wide development focus areas such as “zero emission,” “automated driving” and “connected cars,” with its world premiere demo-car.

    New demonstration vehicle is showcased  to the public for the first time.

    At the Aisin Group press conference on October 26, Yasumori Ihara, president, Aisin Seiki, discussed how these emerging concepts have brought a wave of rapid structural changes in lifestyles unlike anything experienced before. He explained Aisin Group’s focus development areas to demonstrate the capability of Aisin to lead advanced automotive technology.

    Aisin was pleased to help bring news of the Tokyo Motor Show back to the United States by sponsoring  WJR Radio’s “Paul W. Smith Show,” the number one morning drive-time radio program in Detroit, as he broadcast live from Japan during Press Preview. “We are developing critical components and systems that will work for the next stage of our driving future,” said John Clark, president, North American Sales Division, Aisin Group, during an interview with Smith.

    The WJR-Aisin marketing relationship began in 2005 when the Paul W. Smith Show aired for the first time at a World Expo – from the USA Pavilion in Aichi, Japan. Since then Aisin, along with many of its customers, has jointly sponsored WJR broadcasts from motor shows in Frankfurt, Paris and Detroit. Also, 10 years after the first road trip with Paul W. Smith, Aisin and Toyota collaborated to send Paul W. on the road to the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.


    Paul W. Smith with Yasumori Ihara, president, Aisin Seiki.


    Paul W. Smith with John Clark, president, North American Sales Division, Aisin World Corp. of America.











    ITS World Congress Montreal

    In an industry where cars are usually the stars, Aisin Group’s ILY-Ai took the spotlight at The World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (commonly known as the ITS World Congress) in Montreal from October 29 to November 1.


    Automated Valet Parking demonstration vehicle with Hirofumi Nitta, Project GM, Tech Planning, Aisin Seiki.

    The ILY-Ai is a key component in Aisin’s vision for the future of mobility, and this personal mobility vehicle aims to bridge the “last mile gap” in the individual’s transportation needs.    ILY-Ai is a rechargeable battery-operated device that can be transformed into four modes: It can be ridden, pushed as a cart, modified for scooter mode and can be folded into carry mode for loading onto vehicles or public transportation. It is completely autonomous and features a smart sensing 2D and 3D laser ranging imaging sensor. This data from the sensor feeds into an artificial intelligence engine that identifies and avoids objects in real time. It can also be controlled and secured via a mobile app.

    Also featured at ITS World Congress was the Aisin parking assist technology, which will be very useful in the future of autonomous driving. This technology provides a hands-free parking solution that is also controlled via mobile phone. With a combination of sensor and GPS technology, the car will find a spot, navigate into it, then it can be retrieved from the spot via mobile app and will return to the owner. ITS attendees were treated to a “ride and drive” experience and could witness the car fully automating through the parking process.


    AAPEX 2017

    The aftermarket divisions of Aisin World Corp. of America and ADVICS joined together to unveil a new exhibit for AAPEX 2017, from October 31 to November 2, 2017 at Sands Expo in Las Vegas.

    Aisin Group collaboration booth at AAPEX.

    The collaborative effort illustrated the strong relationship among companies under the Aisin Group umbrella. This year’s booth is a symbolic demonstration of that concept as the Lexus LC 500, which uses both Aisin and ADVICS products, was showcased prominently in the center of the booth.

    The AAPEX exhibit featured two distinct areas asking the questions: “What’s driving your car?”—featuring numerous Aisin engine-related parts – and “What’s stopping your car?” – featuring numerous ADVICS’ brake and safety related parts.


    Lexus LC 500 uses both Aisin and ADVICS products.

    “The AAPEX Show is our most important marketing event for the AWA Aftermarket,” said Bob Clark, General Manager, Aisin World Corp. of America. “This annual event draws customers from Canada, U.S. and Latin American countries. This year we increased the size of our display booth and teamed up with the Aftermarket team from ADVICS,” he added.  “This gave both of our companies an opportunity to meet with important customers, sales representatives and prospective new customers as well.  We are always pleased to have members from Aisin Seiki, AWA Detroit, ATC-A, FTTA and other Aisin entities join us to learn more about AWA’s Aftermarket business.”


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