Information Related Products OLD

Aisin offers a wide range of highly reliable information devices for vehicles that offer information services to the driver.

Parking Assist System

Aisin’s parking assist system helps drivers by monitoring steering angles as the driver backs the car into a parking space. The system suggests the proper path on a navigation screen.

Lane Departure Warning System

Aisin’s lane departure warning system measures the distance between a car and the white or yellow lane line with a rear mounted camera and alerts the driver with an audible beep if the vehicle is about to cross a highway lane.

Front and Side Monitor

Front and side cameras mounted on a vehicle monitor the driver’s blind spots, as the vehicle is being driven. The predicted vehicle path is displayed on a monitor, based on steering angle; plus, obstacles are shown by the cameras allowing the driver to judge a safe distance for avoidance.

Intelligent Parking Assist

The intelligent parking assist system will help a driver in all backward parking operations. By establishing the target parking position, the vehicle’s parking movements will be achieved automatically by the system.

GPS Antenna

Height Sensor for Headlight Leveling

Car navigation system is manufactured by Aisin AW Co., Ltd.