Reliability Evaluation

Aisin boasts three of the world’s largest proving grounds, where our parts, components and systems are installed in vehicles to evaluate their performance. Aisin ensures reliability through rigorous testing and evaluation in virtual environments, which are comprehensive samples of weather and road conditions that allow Aisin to meet the expectations of our customers worldwide. Aisin’s extensive testing and evaluation also helps to ensure the safety and low environmental impact of our products.

Fujioka Proving Ground
Location: Fujioka-cho, Nishikamo-gun,
Aichi, Japan
Land Area: 670,000 m2
High-Speed Track: 2.4km/lap
Rough Road Track: 4.6km/lap

Toyokoro Proving Ground
Location: Toyokoro-cho, Nakagawa-gun, Hokkaido, Japan
Land Area: 7,480,000 m2
High-Speed Track: 2.2km/lap
Rough Road Track: 15.8km/lap


FT Techno of America (Fowlerville Proving Ground)
Location: Fowlerville, Michigan, USA
Land Area : 950 Acres
Oval Track: 2-lanes wide and 3 miles (4.8 km) in length
4-Lane Straightaway: 4,500 Ft. (1,370 m) in length