Brakes & Chassis

In order to ensure automobile production that minimizes accidents and avoids disasters, the Brake & Chassis Related Products Business leverages its advanced technologies to develop high-performance, high-quality system products that integrate the functions of running, turning and stopping. Efficient and functional brake systems mean safe and sure stops; suspension and steering systems bring precise control and driving characteristics.

Brake System
Brake Booster Master Cylinder
ABS Modulator
ESC Modulator
Hydraulic Booster (HB-Ci)
Disc Brake Caliper
Brake Pad
Disc Brake Rotor (Brake Disc)
High Carbon Disc Rotor
Rear Drum Brake Assembly
Electric Parking Brake
Foot Release Type Parking Brake Pedal
Speed Sensor Integrated with Hub
Speed Sensor
Actuator for Electric Active Stabilizer
Air Suspension System
Power Tilt & Telescopic Steering Column with Computer