Energy System

In harmony with the environment. At AISIN, it’s a way of thinking that plays out through our engineering and development of advanced automotive parts, delivering resource-saving and an orientation towards high-efficiency. Whether it’s our gas engine driven heat pump air conditioners or gas engine cogeneration systems or vacuum and ultra-low temperature devices, the goal is the same.

Gas Heat Pump Air-conditioner

Aisin Seiki gas heat pump air conditioning systems run on a clean energy source and use the new 100% non-ozone destructive refregerant, R410A.
As a decentralized energy source, gas helps reduce peak power demand in summer.

Cogeneration System for Commercial Use

Aisin Seiki’s gas engine cogeneration system produces electricity and sanitary hot water simultaneously by using a gas engine and generator. This system is connected directly to the main electricity supply line through an inverter, thus achieving a high operating load factor.

Cogeneration System for Residential Use

Residential cogeneration systems use the heat produced during electrical generation to heat water and living spaces to achieve more efficient energy use.
Two types of cogeneration systems for residential use are available: The fuel cell cogeneration system for residential use is equipped with SOFC (solid oxide fuel cells) for highly efficient power generation performance. The gas engine cogeneration system for residential use, designed for colder regions, makes efficient use of the heat produced by the power generating gas engine to heat living spaces.

Peltier Modules

Peltier modules enable to achieve cooling and heating in a microscopic space and precise temperature control by sending electricity to thermoelectric semiconductors.