Body Related Products OLD

Aisin engineering and design groups focus not only on the primary aspects of safety and comfort, but also on the aspect and challenge of creating aesthetically pleasing, lightweight body parts.

Seat Component
Power seat / Occupant weight sensor
Manual operated seat
Passenger detection sensor
Roof, exterior, and structual components
Retractable hard top system
Roof molding
Roof rail
Rear spoiler
Door components
Door frame
Door handle for smart key system
Outside door handle
Inside door handle
Antenna integrated doorhandle for smart key systemhandle for smart key system
Slide door closure
Power sliding door system
Door latch with closure
Power door latch
X-arm type window regulator
Door check
Door hinge
Power back door system
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Door Handle for Smart Key System

This system allows the operator to unlock or lock vehicle doors and steering wheel, start the engine or open the trunk lid without the use of a key operation. This is accomplished by having the vehicle recognize an individualized key identification code. Aisin has developed an outside handle with a built-in antenna and transmitter.

Door Latch with Closure

The Aisin door latch with closure allows a door to close automatically and latch completely from a half closed position. To improve the door closure sound, Aisin minimized the noise created by the engagement mechanism. To improve the door opening feeling, Aisin reduced the operational force. Moreover, down sizing was achieved by integrating the closure mechanism with the door latch.

Retractable Hard Top System

A convertible roof system for luxury coupes, which opens at the touch of a button; completely and automatically. The application of a retractable hard top system insures beautiful styling, silence in the vehicle and comfortable head-room when the top is closed.