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It’s all in the family as 13 Aisin plants in North America team up to produce Tundra components

AISIN Corporation, the fifth largest Tier One automotive supplier in the world, recently revealed its list of parts equipped on the new 2022 Toyota Tundra HV in the brakes, body, chassis, drivetrain, powertrain and safety product segments.

The company said it utilized more than a dozen of its plants in the United States and Mexico to manufacture everything from door locks, grille shutters and window regulators, to seat sensor ECUs, body moldings and sunroofs – all to help build the popular Tundra.

Among the inventory: a 1-motor RWD hybrid transmission, produced at Aisin Texas Corporation; and an active front spoiler, produced at Aisin Manufacturing Illinois. Both products are designed to substantially improve vehicle fuel efficiency.

The 1-motor RWD hybrid transmission, featured for the first time in the Tundra series, plays a central role in the new i-FORCE MAX hybrid powertrain system, and was developed to respond to challenging driving situations. But being eco-friendly doesn’t mean sacrificing Tundra’s unique driving experience. These two products also contribute to maintaining Tundra toughness such as off-road drivability and towing performance for which it’s known.

As the industry transforms and the race for carbon neutrality and vehicle electrification accelerates, AISIN recognizes there are needs and demands for different powertrain types depending on customer preference and geographic location. AISIN’s goal is to accommodate all customer needs utilizing a broad number of products, technologies and experience.

AISIN Active Front Spoiler: Fast Facts

AISIN has made significant contributions to improving the fuel efficiency of vehicles toward the goal of carbon neutrality not only by electrification of drive units, but also by improving the aerodynamic performance of body components such as grille shutters and running boards.

•            Development was based on Computational Flow Dynamics analysis and was successful in designing the spoiler with the best optimized aerodynamics.

•            The front spoiler, located beneath the front bumper, reduces air resistance and activates at high speed for better fuel economy.

•            The spoiler extends and retracts using the drive motor, and has a built-in clutch mechanism that responds to impact from the front, enabling the vehicle to withstand high wind pressure.

•            Meanwhile, when a higher load is applied, for example, in a collision with an obstacle on a rough road, the clutch mechanism operates and deflects the impact from the front, preventing the product from being damaged.

•            The Aisin Active Front Spoiler is produced for the Toyota Tundra at Aisin Manufacturing Illinois, in Marion, IL.

Extended Active Front Spoiler
Retracted Active Front Spoiler