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AISIN Returns to the North American International Auto Show

Workers make final adjustments to the AISIN exhibit Saturday at Huntington Place in Detroit

AISIN Corporation, the fifth largest Tier One auto supplier in the world, said today that it will return to the North American International Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS), Sept. 14-16, at Huntington Place, in Detroit.

“This is our backyard and ‘Detroit’ is our home show,” said Scott Turpin, president and CEO, AISIN World Corp. of America. “We’re thrilled to be back, we have a beautiful new exhibit in a strategic and highly visible location just inside the main entrance of Huntington Place; and we look forward to welcoming our guests and demonstrating our capabilities during an exciting week for the auto industry.”

AISIN will present its EV systems and initiatives that contribute to heat management and weight reduction in support of future mobility, carbon neutrality and vehicle electrification. Product zones within the exhibit include: Power Management; Energy Management; and Aerodynamic Systems.

Feature products include:

  • eAxle drive modules
  • Regenerative Cooperative Brake System
  • Cooling modules and electric pumps
  • Active Front Spoiler and Grille Shutter
  • 1-Motor RWD Hybrid Transmission

Turpin said he’s pleased that many of AISIN’s North America customers have also committed to return to the show.

“We’re here to make an impression, explain our global role in electrification, and engage our current and prospective customers,” he said. “We’ll also use this opportunity to talk about our extensive network in North America, which includes 14,000 employees; 40 production, sales and R&D centers; AISIN Technical Center of America; and FT Techno of America — our 950-acre test track and proving ground in Fowlerville, Mich. The show makes it possible for us to do that in a vibrant and exciting environment.”

AISIN will also showcase the traditional automotive components and systems that it’s been known for and that are featured on its iconic i-Mobility vehicle, a crowd-pleasing exhibit propertyseen at major automotive events around the world. The skeleton-type vehicle helps convey information about AISIN products and technology and is known to grab the attention of auto enthusiasts of all ages.

Among the differences in the AISIN exhibit from its last Detroit appearance in January 2019: fewer transmissions.

“We’re still the largest transmission-maker in the world,” said Turpin. “These are our flagship products, and in years past, transmissions and other traditional powertrain products dominated our auto show exhibits globally,” he said. “We continue to produce transmissions, but we recognize the need to take a keen look at where the industry is going and prepare accordingly. Some of what we’re showing this week at NAIAS represents how we will continue to play a leadership role in the future of the industry.”

AISIN has established a strong electrified powertrain production portfolio, which includes Hybrid transmissions and eAxles globally and in the United States. Last year the company opened AISIN Texas Corporation near San Antonio, where its 1-Motor RWD Hybrid transmission is produced. The plant is AISIN’s first electrified powertrain production facility in North America.

Turpin added that AISIN has enjoyed a long and productive relationship with NAIAS and sponsored its first-ever indoor ride & drive known as the “Aisin Drive Green Experience” at NAIAS 2013.

“We think it’s important to be here to support our customers and the auto show itself,” he added. “The Detroit show has always worked for us; in our view it’s one of the most important in the world.”

About AISIN Corporation

AISIN is the world’s fifth largest Tier One supplier of automotive components and systems such as brakes, transmissions, navigation systems, drivetrain, chassis, body, engine-related parts, electronics, and intelligent parking systems. A $32 billion company, AISIN is the largest manufacturer of automatic transmissions in the world and employs more than 120,000 team members at more than 200 consolidated companies.

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