Being a Good Neighbor: Planting Trees, Saving Turtles

AISIN Canada ‘Lives in Harmony’ in Stratford, Ontario

AISIN companies have a long history of being good neighbors and responding locally and globally to needs in the community. Our company has long recognized that coexistence with local communities is an integral part of who we are as a company and how we’re viewed as a corporate citizen.

AISIN Canada, Inc. (ACI) has set a good example of Corporate Social Responsibility programs in North America and is frequently recognized for its contributions to the community in Stratford, Ontario. Established in 2002, and currently the only AISIN plant in Canada, ACI manufactures a range of quality products for Toyota and Lexus models such as sunroofs, doorframes, moldings and seating.

In October, 2021, ACI aligned itself with the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA), established to help safeguard waterways and protect, manage and restore woodlands, wetlands and natural habitats of wildlife.

In June, ACI joined with the UTRCA to help with recovery efforts of the largest remaining population of the endangered Spiny Softshell Turtle. The UTRCA, which has extensive nest protection and habitat creation experience, has helped to slow the decline of this species along the Thames River, creating new hope for its survival in Canada. Their work has evolved into an internationally recognized conservation program for a wide range of endangered and threatened reptiles, and is headed by Scott Gillingwater, species-at-risk biologist.

We are so proud of our colleagues at ACI, especially as their activity gained international attention on AI Think, and the full article and details about the activity can be seen by clicking here.