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AISIN Corporation, the fifth largest Tier One automotive supplier in the world, today announced a number of changes to its executive team in North America, effective April 1, 2023. The announcement was made by Scott Turpin, president, AISIN World Corp. of America (AWA), who outlined the following:

Kazuto Koyama to president and CEO, AISIN Holdings of America (AHA), Seymour, Ind.

Shin Sasaki to president, AISIN Technical Center of America (ATCA), Northville, Mich., and FT Techno of America (FTTA), Fowlerville, Mich.

Hiroyuki Kawatsu to president of AISIN Texas Corporation (ATX), Cibolo, Texas

Shuji Oda to president of AISIN North Carolina Corporation (ANC), Durham, NC

Kazuto Koyama – AISIN Holdings of America

Kazuto Koyama

Kazuto Koyama was named president and CEO of AHA, the management organization that oversees the company’s extensive manufacturing, and research and development operations in North America, comprised of 17 companies and more than 11,000 employees. Koyama, who’s been with AISIN for 37 years, also holds the concurrent position of senior executive officer of parent company, AISIN Corporation in Aichi, Japan. Most recently he was president of AISIN Body Products Division in Japan. His new position at AHA represents his second executive assignment in North America having previously been a member of leadership at AISIN USA Manufacturing, Seymour, Ind., from 2002-2007. Koyama replaces Makoto Kamiya, who returns to Japan after five years as AHA president and CEO, and becomes vice president of ADVICS Corporation, an AISIN Group Company.  

Shin Sasaki – AISIN Technical Center of America

Shin Sasaki

Shin Sasaki was named president of ATCA, Northville, Mich., and FTTA, AISIN’s 950-acre test track and proving ground in Fowlerville, Mich. Sasaki also maintains his position as executive vice president of North America OE Sales and Energy Solutions at AWA, Northville, and executive officer of AISIN Corporation in Japan. Sasaki joined AISIN in 1993 to work in automatic transmission design for European automakers and has since been involved in powertrain engineering and development at AISIN companies in Asia, Europe and the United States. He’s held a number of executive positions including deputy executive general manager of the Powertrain Product Division, executive officer of Powertrain and Electrification Development, and president of AISIN AW Technical Center of America in Ann Arbor, Mich. Sasaki replaces Tatsuya Iwatsuki, who retired.

Hiroyuki Kawatsu – AISIN Texas Corporation                                  

Hiroyuki Kawatsu was promoted to president of ATX in Cibolo, Texas (near San Antonio). Kawatsu joined AISIN in Japan in 1990 and, most recently, was executive vice president and part of the leadership team that helped establish ATX – AISIN’s newest manufacturing plant in North America in 2019. ATX, which currently employs 630 team members, began production of high-quality, high-performance, high-torque capacity RWD 10-speed automatic transmissions, and Hybrid transmissions in September, 2021. Kawatsu is overseeing the expansion of ATX, including the addition of 430 new employees and the launch of a new production line scheduled for later this year. He replaces Satoru Kasuya, who returns to Japan as vice president of AISIN Corporation’s Powertrain Company.

Shuji Oda – AISIN North Carolina Corporation                                              

Shuji Oda was named president of ANC in Durham, NC. A machining and production specialist, Oda joined AISIN in Japan in 1992. Previously, he was plant manager at two different AISIN production facilities in Japan and, most recently, was associate officer of the Manufacturing Management Department of AISIN Corporation’s Powertrain Company in Japan. This is Oda’s first assignment in North America; he replaces Shigeo Tsuzuki, who returns to Japan. ANC was established as AW North Carolina, Inc. in 1998 to produce automatic transmissions for passenger cars and trucks. Today, ANC employs 1,817 team members and supplies automatic transmissions and related powertrain components to automakers around the world.  

AWA’s Turpin acknowledged the success and leadership of the outgoing executives, especially during one of the most difficult periods in the automotive industry.

“There’s no doubt that the last few years have been challenging for AISIN and for most auto suppliers and their OEM customers,” said Turpin. “For our executives, it was more than a question of business survival during the pandemic, which meant continuing to meet customer and supplier needs without interruption, while facing extraordinary supply chain issues – it was the true concern that these presidents had for employees and their families. Each of these AISIN leaders – Kamiya-san, Iwatsuki-san, Kasuya-san, and Tsuzuki-san – made health and safety the top priority and established immediate measures to help keep everyone safe. They did what good leaders do: they acted quickly and decisively. And, let’s not forget, while they managed through the pandemic and cared for several thousand AISIN employees, they were also concerned about the health and safety of their own families back home in Japan,” added Turpin. “We thank each of them and their families sincerely and wish the very best in their next assignments.”