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Aisin to Exhibit at Automotive Engineering Exposition 2023

AISIN CORPORATION will exhibit at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2023, which will be held at Pacifico Yokohama (Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Japan) from Wednesday, May 24 to Friday, May 26, 2023.

At this exposition, AISIN will highlight electrification initiatives to achieve carbon neutrality and mobility for relief, comfort, and convenience.

Electrification products for carbon neutrality to be exhibited include the eAxle*1 electric drive module, which boasts top-class power consumption efficiency, and the cooperative regenerative braking system (ADVICS Co., Ltd.), which helps improve fuel and power consumption efficiency and riding comfort. In addition, AISIN will exhibit for the first time a technology related to high-efficiency motors, which is being developed in cooperation with Tohoku Magnet Institute, in which the company invested in June last year.

In the area of initiatives that contribute to mobility for relief, comfort, and convenience, AISIN will introduce new systems that apply its products, including the Presence Detection System to solve the social problem of infants being left in vehicles, and exhibit the Universal Step, which uses a karakuri mechanism and does not require electricity.

Aisin will continue to promote the development of technology to improve the environment and society, thereby realizing the Aisin Group Philosophy: Inspiring “movement,” creating tomorrow.

[Automotive Engineering Exposition 2023 official site URL]

*1 The eAxle was jointly developed by BluE Nexus Corporation, AISIN Corporation, and Denso Corporation.