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AISIN to Introduce Remanufactured Hybrid Battery for the Automotive Aftermarket

Initial program will supply batteries for Toyota Prius

AISIN, a global leader in the supply of OE-quality premium parts to the automotive aftermarket, today announced that it will introduce its first hybrid battery at the 2023 AAPEX Show in Las Vegas at Booth #A4657. The announcement was made by Dwayne Bates, vice president, AISIN World Corp. of America, Aftermarket Division, and a special presentation by Larrow Kaufman, Senior Manager of North American Aftermarket Sales for AISIN and Dave Callari, founder of DC Battery Hub, the remanufacturing partner for this new offering will take place on the EV Experience Stage in booth J 7409 on Level 1 of the show from 2:45 – 3:15 pm PST to explain this offering in greater detail.

“We’re excited about this new venture and confident that we’ll be able to assist thousands of hybrid vehicle owners who may encounter low performance and low fuel economy due to battery degradation and loss of battery capacity,” said Bates. “When a battery is recycled, it comes back like new and helps to provide optimum vehicle performance.”

Bates added that AISIN’s new program will initially be introduced and evaluated in Southern California for a period of six months. He said he anticipates a successful launch with the goal of a nationwide roll out in 2024. The initial trial is scheduled to begin in November 2023.

As with all of its products, AISIN’s remanufactured batteries are meticulously crafted to meet OEM specifications and will likely set new industry standards for quality and reliability, according to Bates. Each module undergoes a rigorous array of tests, guaranteeing its health and capacity before assembly, and remanufactured to meet the stringent standards set by the U.S. Department of Energy, the Society of Automotive Engineers, and the U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium Testing Standards.

“Our customers know that if a product carries an AISIN or ADVICS logo, it’s nothing less than exceptional,” said Bates. “We’re absolutely committed to quality, reliability, and sustainability. And this new program is a testament to the company’s dedication to reducing waste and promoting carbon neutrality.”

Though the market may widen to other vehicle brands, AISIN remanufactured hybrid batteries will initially be sold to qualified installers and technicians for the repair of Toyota Prius vehicles.

To learn more about the new Aisin Hybrid Battery and how it can benefit you, please contact Larrow Kaufman, Senior Sales Manager at AISIN World Corp. of America at 424-318-9582 or [email protected]. You can also see our vast product lineup at