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New president, Shawn Deppen, to lead pioneering plant through industry transformation

Global Tier One automotive supplier AISIN Corporation today announced changes to the executive team at AISIN USA Manufacturing, Inc. (AUM), effective April 1, 2024. AUM is AISIN’s first and largest manufacturing plant in North America and was established in 1987.

The announcement was made by Scott Turpin, president and CEO, AISIN World Corp. of America (AWA), who outlined the following:

  • Makoto Endo, president of AUM since 2016, returns to Japan for a new executive assignment
  • Shawn Deppen, current senior vice president of AWA, becomes president of AUM  
  • Ervin Warren, current vice president at AUM, becomes executive vice president of AUM

Shawn Deppen, President, AUM

Deppen joined AUM in 1990 as a production control specialist, responsible for parts procurement, inventory control, and pre-production planning for brake and engine components. He was subsequently promoted to management and has held several planning and production-related positions at AISIN Drivetrain, Inc., AISIN Holdings of America, and AISIN World Corp. of America, where he was named senior vice president in 2022. Deppen earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Affairs at Indiana University and a Master of Business Administration Degree from Indiana Wesleyan University. He also received executive training at the University of Chicago and Cornell University. He resides in Seymour, Indiana.

Ervin Warren, Executive Vice President, AUM

Warren has spent his entire 36-year career at AISIN, beginning immediately after graduation from high school. He was promoted from his position on the door and belt line process to quality supervisor for door frames, mouldings and hinges. With a specialty in quality, Warren has held roles in every department at AUM, eventually being promoted to vice president of Plant-1 manufacturing. He resides in Brownstown, Indiana.

Since it was established in 1987 with 250 employees in a 150,000 square foot facility, AUM has expanded to include nearly 2,000 team members, that produce a variety of essential automotive products in a vast manufacturing center that exceeds one million square feet and two plants. Principal parts and systems manufactured at AUM include door frames and related components, seat components, power slide door sensors, mouldings, and many others. AUM customers include Toyota, Subaru, Honda and Stellantis.

Turpin said much of the growth and success of AUM is due in part to the leadership of Endo.

“AUM is vital to the success of AISIN nationally and globally, and we appreciate the dedication and leadership that Endo-san has demonstrated throughout his long tenure there,” said Turpin. “Endo-san led us through the last eight years of automotive evolution and extraordinary global pandemic challenges. To maintain the levels of quality manufacturing our customers depend on while keeping employees safe during this time was extremely challenging and we are grateful for his strength and determination.”

Turpin also expressed confidence in the highly experienced team of Deppen and Warren to lead AUM into the next era of the dynamic auto industry.

“Combined, these individuals have an impressive seventy years of experience in business, operations, manufacturing and production,” said Turpin. “And, importantly, they have built solid relationships with AISIN team members, customers and the community. We look forward to their continuing leadership and dedication at AUM for many years to come.”