Clutch Cover

Non-Solvent Dry Friction Material for Manual Transmission

Transmits or Shuts Off Power Between the Engine and Manual Transmission when Starting, Stopping or Shifting Gears “Dry” is used in the product name because this product is not used in oil, as different from wet friction materials When coating the glass fiber (core material) with rubber (base polymer), previous rubber melted in an organic. . .

High-µs Wet Friction Material for Automatic Transmission (Segment)

Friction Material is Attached to the Surface of the Steel Ring to Control Gear Shift “Wet” is used in the product name because the product is used in oil Ring Type: As weight has been reduced by improving the performance of the damping coat, it also contributes to body weight reduction and improved fuel efficiency. . .

Aluminum Die Casting Oil Pump Cover

High Quality through Ultra High Speed Injection Die Casting No shrinkage by squeeze pressure control and vacuum die casting Automatic transmission aluminum oil pump cover by ultra high speed injection die casting process