The Body Related Products Business pushes the envelope of functionality in comfort, convenience and safety, as well as in terms of improved design and reduced weight and providing products that outmatch the competition and contribute to a more complete driving experience for customers. Functionality and comfort made possible. That’s how our body-related products, including power sliding doors, power seats, door latches, sunroofs and door beams make a contribution.

Door Frame
X-Arm Type Window Regulator
Power Sliding Door System
Power Back Door System
Power Door Latch
Slide Door Closer
Door Hinge
Door Check
Outside Door Handle
Inside Door Handle
Smart Handle
“Die Quench” Door Beam
Frame Molding (Stainless Steel)
Frame Molding (Zinc Die Cast)
Roof Rail
Rear Spoiler
Structural Adhesive
Passenger Detection Sensor for Seat Belt Warning
Manual Seat
Rear Seat Relaxation System
Power Retractable Seat
Seat Slide Sensor for Airbag Control System
Passenger Detection Sensor
“Die Quench” A Pillar Reinforcement
“Die Quench” Bumper Reinforcement
High Performance Spray Damping Coat
Quick-dry Waterborne Anti-Corrosion Paint