Technological development through our “Total Engine” perspective promotes and contributes towards greater fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness. The reduction in environmental impact is a result of weight savings, improved performance and combustion efficiency through the development and production of water pumps, oil pumps, variable valve timing systems, exhaust manifolds and cooling fans.

Engine Front Module
Water Pumps
3-Stage Variable Discharge Oil Pump
Variable Valve Timing
Oil Control Valve
Resin-Type Surge Tank & Aluminium – Type Intake Manifold
Variable Intake Manifold with an Integrated Rotary Valve
Oil Pan
Alumium Type Cylinder Head Cover
Magnesium Type Cylinder Head Cover
Fuel Rails
Electric Oil Pump
Electric Water Pump
Electric Water Pump for Engine Cooling
High Heat Resistant “Vanadium Cast Iron” Exhaust Manifold
Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold with Independent Air Gapped Inner Pipe and Catalyst
SUS Exhaust Manifold
High Performance Exhaust Module
Accumulator Pistons