Aisin approaches community relations as an essential part of doing business. More than just corporate social responsibility, Aisin believes that it is imperative to be a part of the communities in which we are located.

Our employees fully embrace this commitment, and tens of thousands of Aisin members from around the globe volunteer to make a difference in communities like – and much different than – yours.

In addition to financial contributions made at a corporate level, there is also a hardworking, employee-led Community Relations team working behind the scenes to extend Aisin’s philanthropic reach.

Community service is everybody’s responsibility, and Aisin is here to lead the way.

Latest Community Relations News
A Season of Celebration and Giving at AISIN’s Holiday Party

AISIN knows that being a good corporate citizen makes better communities and a better world. This philosophy runs deep, so deep that the Northville office has made it an annual tradition to do a service project as part of their holiday luncheon program.  Because of our rich technical capabilities and our love for STEM learning, … Continued