Hydraulic Booster (HB-Ci)

Speed Sensor

(Stick style) highly reliable construction through the integration of electronic circuits and use of plastic molding housing

Speed Sensor Integrated with Hub

A sensor and rotor installed in the hub conserves space and reduces mounting time High output voltage achieved with magnetic circuit switching mechanism Stable output level using circumference scanning

Foot Release Type Parking Brake Pedal

Utilizes Small Number of Parts, is Compact and Lightweight and has Low-cost Design Noiseless release Adoption of shorter stroke lock/release mechanism

Electric Parking Brake

The Demands on the Driver are Lessened Through Automation of the Parking Brake Mechanism Employment of the world’s first shift engagement mechanism prevents users from forgetting to engage or disengage the parking brake Coupled with an electrically controlled brake (ECB) system, it enables hill start while simultaneously improving convenience by enabling long vehicle stops through. . .

Rear Drum Brake Assembly

World Class Production and Full Lineup Products Improves vibration, squeal and braking efficiency through optimal design Lightweight, compact and low cost design

High Carbon Disc Rotor

Made from metal with higher carbon content for better vibration attenuation and thermal conductivity Improvement of cooling capacity by high performance ventilated brake disc rotor with spiral-fins

Brake Pad

The medium µ pad has superb and comprehensive capabilities in braking, squeaking and oscillation The medium µ pad offers improved fade capabilities and rotor aggression Rear pads excel in squeaking and wear resistance

Disc Brake Caliper

Offers high dimension in terms of both stiffness and brake noise and vibration performance Addresses various needs through a wide product lineup Lighter weight and greater resilience using mono-body design Flooding Style: Offered in series ranging from light vehicles to trucks

Hydraulic Booster (HB-Ci)

Provides Superior Brake Feeling with High Output, High Response Brake Control Completely integrated design- easy installation and routing of pipes and wires- mass and space saving Hydraulic pump and high pressure accumulator- high response and stable assist power Switched bore master cylinder- improved pedal stiffness and FMVSS brake performance