Brake System

ESC Modulator

Expands the Control Brake Application to Regular Use with Impressive Quietness Impressive quietness is achieved by using the gear pump and the precise valve control Achieve compact and lightweight product through improved efficiency and simpler fluid passage Expands the application to regular brake usage

ABS Modulator

Quiet and Compact, with World Class Lightweight Design Compact, lightweight and quiet modulator applicable to ABS and other advanced brake control systems Built-in ECU Adoption of newly developed compact solenoid valves and motor Pump and solenoid valves are designed to reduce operation noise

Brake Booster Master Cylinder

Enhances Braking Performance in Emergency Braking Brake Assist helps driver’s emergency braking – shorter stopping distance for the average driver Better pedal feeling; compact and lightweight

Brake System

ABS – Anti-lock Braking SystemESC – Electronic Stability ControlVDC – Vehicle Dynamic Control