Passenger Detection Sensor for Seat Belt Warning

“Die Quench” Bumper Reinforcement

Bumpers are Lightened and Design Flexibility is Improved through an Ultra-high Strengthening Process Achieved lightweight by “Die Quench” process bumper reinforcement Achieved equal strength with high tensile steel (1470 Mpa) by quenching a heated blank simultaneously with stamping

“Die Quench” A Pillar Reinforcement

Our Lightweight A Pillar, Manufactured with a “High-Strength Method”, Can Improve Vehicle Collision Safety. Die quench process can allow for the reduction of parts, mass and cost Heated steel plates are stamped and quenched simultaneously to secure strength equivalent to that of ultra high tensile steel of 1470MPa

Power Retractable Seat

Automatically Stores Seats into Vehicle Compartment Smooth retraction movement Compact motors were created utilizing efficient gear ratio designs to save on electric power consumption Passenger safety being paramount, occupants are sufficiently secured during collision by a rigid seat locking mechanism *Jointly developed with Toyota Motor Corporation, Toyota Boshoku Corporation, and Skiroki Corporation.

Rear Seat Relaxation System

The System Provides a Relaxing Environment in the Rear Seats Reclining: A wider range of a reclining angles are achieved by interlocking the reclining function and the slide mechanism, but allowing the recline function to operate independently Ottoman (foot rest): The ottoman extends for leg support and stows in a compact compartment when not in. . .